Now calling for participants

Call us on 1300 661 761 (within Australia) to arrange an informal interview, or email us using the form below.

Feck is always looking for new contributors for all our projects. We like to hear from past contributors too - drop us a line and see what projects we've got going. If you've got questions about Feckshare please use the email form linked at the bottom of your Feckshare account page.

You can submit to Feck projects from anywhere in the world.

Interviews at Feck

Just in case you have any casting-couch paranoia... there is no hard sell at Feck. In fact, you won't even be encouraged to participate in our projects - we'll just give you the info and ask whether you're interested in contributing. If you're not, we don't contact you again. At the interview we get some info about who you are and what you're interested in, show you the projects, then explain exactly how the contribution process works. You are not asked to do any nude or semi-nude test shots, or sign anything, and if you decide to participate it can be arranged for a future date. You can take a copy of the Release Contract to look over in the meantime, or get someone you trust to go over it for you. It's full disclosure and no pressure.


If you've done work with us before please give your full name and site nickname.
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